Why We don't work on web sites unless we host them

Most website hosts are different. They have different protocols and software, and uploading a web site to a host that we are not familiar with requires a learning curve. Our rates for web design are very low. One of the ways we are able to offer low rates is to be efficient. One of the ways we can be efficient is to have all of our web sites hosted on our own server.

Many prospective clients realize thast there are places like GoDaddy that host web sites for as low as $6 per month and we charge $18. Naturally, they wonder why we can't build the web site for them and host it on GoDaddy. The answer is that we would have to invest a large amount of labor in order to save a few dollars on hosting for the client.

The result is better on our server.

We choose not to spend our time learning about other servers. We would rather do more productive things.

We hope our customers will understand.


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