blog samples


A Blog is a computerized journal. Businesses use blogs to attract customers through search engines.

Google loves fresh content. By providing regular blog postings with fresh revelant content, it can improve the search engine placement of your web site and give you "brownie points" (semi technical term) with Google.

Google doesn't index web sites and blogs, it indexes web pages within a web site and blog postings within a blog. An interresting blog posting, properly indexed with relevant keywords, can show up in the search engines on their own merit, and possibly attract new potential customers to your web site.

Why you don't want to set up your own blog

You can post the interesting blog posting in the world, but it if isn't properly set up for the search engines, you will probably be the only one to read it. If we set up your blog, we research your situation to determine the most effective keywords and include the correct plugins to make sure that your blog posting is properly "search engine optimized. "

We will build your blog and do your first blog posting for $400.00. We can train you to do your own "optimized" blog postings, or we can do your blog postings for your. We charge $60 a month for one blog posting or $100 a month for two.